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We have given you information about the many functional features of IRCTC. From registering for IRCTC eWallet, to booking cheap tickets, we have told you about it. First of all go to IRCTC website. Then click on New Counter Ticket Cancellation Feature. Know about the process of counter ticket cancellation.

counter ticket cancellation online process

1. First of all enter PNR number, train number. And then fill the captcha.

2. Select the check box to confirm, this is to agree to all the terms and procedures.

3. After submission, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number provided at the time of ticket booking. After receiving the OTP, enter the OTP and then click on submit.

4. After entering the OTP, the PNR details will be displayed on the screen.

5. After verifying the details, click on ‘Cancel Ticket’ for full cancellation. After this the amount to be refunded will be shown on the screen.

6. Now an SMS will be sent to the customer with the details of PNR and refund. For example like this: “Your PNR xxxxxxxxxx has been canceled. Collect refund amt xxxx from journey commencing station or nearby satellite PRS locations. Ref. Terms & Conditions”

7. For tickets canceled 24 hours before the departure of the train (including return passenger tickets): Refund can be availed at any PRS counter of Indian Railways four hours before the departure time of the train on deposit of the original PRS counter ticket. provided your ticket is confirmed. If you are traveling with RAC/waitlisted ticket then you can get refund by depositing the ticket up to 30 minutes in advance. Refund of PRS counter ticket will be available only on deposit of original ticket through IRCTC website or 139 at the journey originating station or nearby satellite PRS location. Before canceling your ticket, make sure that the place from where the journey is originating has the facility of collecting refund or not. The SMS which will be sent by the Railways for refund will have to be shown at the counter.

8. Once confirmed by the passenger, the entire PNR will be canceled and the PNR will be marked as cancelled. But the system will not mark it as refund. The seat will be vacant. The refund amount will also be informed to the passenger on the website.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Online counter ticket will be canceled only if you have given a valid mobile number at the time of booking.
  • Online ticket can be canceled 4 hours before the ticket is confirmed and the train departs.
  • In case of RAC/waitlisted ticket, online ticket can be canceled up to 30 minutes before the train.
  • Passenger details (name, age, gender, booking status, current status) and travel details will be displayed on the website.
  • All Privilege / Duty Pass / PTO / Complementary Pass tickets can be canceled through the website.

For more details regarding counter ticket cancellation visit IRCTC You can read by visiting the page.

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