Hobo Life Business Simulator v2.2.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Hobo Life: Business Simulator & Money Clicker Game world of rich billionaires. Why do I say that, because here you will build your own career? At first, you’re just homeless, penniless. Then you have to do all the different things and expand it so that you can build your own property. Moreover, the more things you do, the more money you earn, becoming rich and powerful entrepreneurs.

Hobo Life: Business Simulator & Money Clicker Game


When you participate in Hobo Life, you will experience all different emotions and levels. To have a good life, we must work hard. Then in this game too, when you first step into this is a cloudy sky, you have to become the lowest class in society, without housing, money, and status. In this stage, you will have a more specific view of the life of a beggar, begging for everything, wandering, not knowing where to go.

To change your fate, you have to do all the jobs of the lowest level in society. For example, you have to collect garbage, drive a motorbike taxi, work as a maid… From the money you have earned, you can start a shop or invest in stocks; in other words, you have to think of a way to increase that amount. Gradually, you will become a boss or even a businessman…
In Hobo Life, you will see life with many colors, just like in real life. That makes you can understand the hardships of all classes at the festival.


From jobs in Hobo Life, you will definitely earn a certain amount of money. But some players will be satisfied with that money but forget their billionaire purpose, making their lives not very good.

Thus, the best thing to do after making money is to send it to the bank to help players make a profit as well as minimize the wasteful games. You can save for as long as you like, maybe a few months, a few years…you will have an excellent springboard for the upcoming journey.

After a while, you can use some money to play the stock market or buy lottery tickets, and if you have a reasonable playing strategy, you will get a lot of money. It is also possible to use a small part of the money to open more fried chicken shops, grocery stores… If the business is favorable, more branches will be opened. Well, come here, you must have become a person with a good balance. Players can cooperate with entrepreneurs and billionaires so that you can match them.


When entering the world of Hobo Life, players will feel the comfort and space here. When you start taking the first steps, you will feel the melodious sound of interesting background music. Each state of the user will be integrated with many different funny sounds—a game space designed with colorful images and vivid 2D effects. Make players feel energized, making it easy for them to complete all the manufacturer’s tasks. It is these things that have made the game into the top of the most popular game series.

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