PUBG is one of the popular mobile games. The popularity of this game has increased a lot during the lockdown, with more than half of the people spending their time playing this game at home. However, over time, PUBG has now become a drug addict for the people, whose addiction is getting bigger and smaller. Just a few days ago it was reported that a teenager emptied his father’s bank account in the wake of playing PUBG. Another such latest news has come out from Mohali, where a 15-year-old teenager misused his grandfather’s account to play PUBG and spent Rs 2 lakh out of it for playing PUBG.

A Tribune India report citing Kishor’s uncle Report It has been told that the child started playing PUBG from January itself, which was addicted to him by some seniors of his school. Only after this he got so addicted to playing PUBG that he started spending more and more time playing PUBG. The child’s uncle also told that those seniors had informed him about getting expertise in the game through mobile payments.

The child’s uncle claims that the child started misusing his grandfather’s bank account, which was opened for his pension. The child had made 30 payments from that bank account in the last 2 months, amounting to Rs 55,000.

When the child’s uncle saw his father’s bank statement, he was surprised that more than half of the payment was made for PUBG only. On the insistence of uncle, the child confessed that he had paid up to Rs 2 lakh for PUBG from his grandfather’s account.

Not only this, the child also told that he had even bought a separate SIM-card to play PUBG.

Let us tell you, PUBG Mobile has already become a very popular mobile game and its popularity has increased during the global pandemic. The biggest example of this is Sensor Tower’s latest report, which has reported steady growth in its revenue. However, due to its “flavor”, many such disputed news This battle royale game of Tencent Games has also faced many criticisms due to its appearance. This is the reason why people are demanding to ban this game after TikTok as well.

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