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Chromecast support has been introduced in Google Meet, using which users can stream their meetings directly to the TV. With Chromecast support, users will be able to conduct their meetings, video call chatting with friends, attend online lectures and classes on the big screen. Apart from this, Chromecast comes built-in in all Android TV models, with the help of which you can cast your official meeting on Android TV device. Let us tell you, a few months ago Google launched Meet on the Nest Hub Max smart display, only after that the company has now brought this new feature. Google says that this new feature will be rolled out to eligible users in the coming few days.

The new feature will work with Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra and second generation Chromecast devices.

However, it is also very important to mention here that even if you are able to attend your meeting on TV with the new feature, you will have to use your computer and smartphone for the camera and microphone. Because of this, you cannot go far from it during a video call.

Let us tell you, Google started group calls on Google Meet and Google Duo through Nest Hub Max in late June.

How to use Google Meet on Chromecast

To use this feature, you must have your Google account and make sure that your Google Chrome is updated to the latest version. Apart from this, make sure that your Chromecast device has the latest firmware installed. To start Chromecast before joining the online meeting, follow these steps-

1. Using the Meet app or Google Calendar, first open your meeting and then select Cast this meeting.

2. In the Cast tab, select the cast enabled device you want to use.

3. To switch to casting during the meeting, tap on the three dots menu at the bottom and select Cast this meeting.

4. At the same time, to stop the casting, once again click on the menu and select Stop casting meeting.

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