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A special update has come for the users of Google Maps in India. Now users can save and share their home address with Plus Codes. Plus codes are location keys that describe an address in the form of an alphanumeric code based on latitude and longitude. This update in Google Maps will help users to get the exact digital address of their home. Using this, fast delivery of food to medicines and parcels can be achieved. The special thing is that due to the plus code, people will not have to share any landmark or voice instruction with the home address. People will also be able to share Plus codes with each other for easier navigation.

News updates Through this, you can generate a plus code for your home address on Google Maps. When saving home location, the app lets you Use your current location will show the option. It will use your phone’s location to generate the plus code. Once saved, the home location can be directly shared with Google Maps with a plus code.

If a location is already saved on Google Maps as your home, that plus code will appear. By copying and sending it, the exact location of your home can be sent to anyone. Plus code i.e. alphanumeric code will not contain any of your personal details like name and email id. The address of the house will also not be revealed. In addition, users can edit or remove their home address from Google Maps with a plus code.

Google Maps has rolled out the new experience for Android users. It will also be available for iOS users in the coming days. Announcing this update, Google said that this feature has been designed to give accurate home address. The company piloted this feature in India only a month ago. More than 300,000 users in the country are using it for their home address.

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