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After the announcement of demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000, it is common to find long queues of people outside ATMs. If you are looking for an ATM that has cash available, technology is at your service. Keeping in mind the lack of cash, many institutions and people have designed such tools, with the help of which your problem will definitely be reduced a little. Many of these tools give you information about ATMs with cash in the vicinity, while some will also give details of queues outside ATMs.

1) Cash no cash
The Cash No Cash or website, launched by Quikr and Nascon, will give you information about ATMs with cash in the vicinity based on pincode. Enter pincode in the search box. Then click on the Find Cash button. Cash No Cash will show those ATMs with Green PIN where cash is present. ATMs with long queues are shown in orange color and ATMs without cash are shown in red.

2) CMS ATM Finder Tool
CMS Infosystems is the company that maintains 55,000 ATMs across the country. This company has introduced an ATM Finder tool which gives information about working ATMs. You can select any city and then search for the ATM where cash is available. Please note that this information is limited to only 55,000 CMS ATMs.


3) Walnut
Walnut is a personal finance management app. With its help, you can locate cash ATMs in your area. This app has around 2 million users. This app tracks those users withdrawing money from ATMs. Based on this information, the app gives a list of ATMs that are functional. During this, users also tell Walnut about the queue. Based on this, the app is able to give more details related to the ATM to other users. The company says that it will also provide information about the availability of different notes in the coming time.


ATMs that are not working in this app are tagged in gray PIN. Working ATMs are tagged with Green PIN.

4) ATM Search
The website collects user information and gives information to other needy people. You can go to the website and enter the name of any location and click on the Search ATM button. After this the list of ATMs will come on the website. You will also know which machine has cache and which does not. Which ATM has the longest queue?

Other Ways to Find an ATM
Google India has introduced a new tool to help the citizens of the country. With this tool named ‘Find an ATM Near You’, you can find ATMs located near you. This tool can be accessed from the right side of the Google India page This tool will show on the maps the ATMs of all the banks located near you according to your location. However, this tool will not tell you whether this ATM has cash or not.

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