Final Frontier v0.1.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Gideans and Armadian have been at each other’s throats for centuries. Although the Gideans lost the battle, they could drive the invaders out by activating the Obelisks. The Obelisks served as the Galaxy’s first line of defense for tens of thousands of years before they were deactivated. Sector upon the sector, the Armadian dread navy is attacking and conquering the native populations.

You’re the leader of a crew of intergalactic pirates who travel from planet to planet in search of plunder. On your next adventure, you’ll learn more about the mysterious girl and her plan to save the world. Final Frontier is a role-playing game in which players travel and conquer space, complete missions, battle for resources, build up their crew, and improve their ships. Gather a group of heroes, each with their own skills and advantages, and equip them with the deadliest alien weaponry.

Explore alien worlds, meet fascinating alien races, and talk to important figures. Use the expansive map to visit different planets and learn their histories. Challenge other players as you search for useful items and boost your team’s stats. Entertaining storytelling that won’t let go of your attention. On your quest to save the planet, you’ll meet some strange people and witness some strange occurrences. Put together the best possible battle team by recruiting heroes from different classes. Improve your team by giving them the most excellent tools possible. Increase your spaceship’s effectiveness by installing upgrades. Fighting doesn’t demand your active participation, but it does provide you a chance to show off your heroes’ skills. The best way to strengthen your squad is to analyze their AFK fights against various creatures, antagonists, and bosses.


  • Experience the unexplored reaches of space to the fullest, find out more about the history of the races that live there, and communicate with important figures.
  • Discover hidden information as you make your way across the expansive globe and across the many planetary systems.
  • Engage in fierce competition with other players while simultaneously accumulating resources and improving your team’s arsenal.
  • A captivating storyline that will hold your attention throughout. Along the way of your mission to rescue the planet, you will meet a lot of fascinating people and experience some unusual things.
  • Gather heroes from a variety of classes, each of which has its own set of abilities, and construct the ideal fighting force.
  • Raise the level of your team and make sure they have the greatest gear possible.
  • Improve the performance of your spaceship by making necessary upgrades.

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