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Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team is testing a new app these days. Actually, this short music video app is inspired by TikTok, whose name is ‘Collab’. However, at the moment the app is only available for invite-only beta version users of iOS. NPE has claimed in its note that users can create, watch and mix and match videos of their own on the Collab App. Tiktok also offers a similar feature to its users, in which they sync over existing videos on this platform. However, users on this platform can sync up to three videos at once instead of two.

Facebook’s NPE team Note I have also told that the Collab app is specially designed so that people can bring out their creative superpowers during the Coronavirus lockdown.

How does Collab work?

Like TikTok, users can create videos in Collab and sync them in sync with other users’ existing videos. However, here instead of two vertical videos of Tiktok, users can sync three videos simultaneously in landscape mode. However, the final video will be vertical.

After creating a video on Collab, users can also share it on other social media platforms. The company said that once you create a collab video, you publish it so that other users can see that video and mix and match on that video. You can also share the video made on this platform on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook story etc.

However, it is not clear whether it will be mandatory to create an account to watch videos on this app or whether videos can be seen on it without creating an account like Tiktok.

As of now, the app is only available for invite-only beta users. However, you can try your hand at the beta version app by signing up on the NPE website.

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