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Facebook-owned Meta platform is struggling to stop fake luxury goods on its app. According to academics, industry groups and investigators, Meta’s platforms have emerged as a hotspot for criminals to smuggle luxury goods. Benedict Hamilton, managing director of a private investigation company, says Facebook and Instagram are major marketplaces where counterfeit goods are sold to the public. 10 years ago this used to be on eBay and till five years ago on Amazon. According to this research led by social media analytics firm Ghost Data, fake brands appearing on the meta platform imitate brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada and Chanel. This research has been shared with Reuters.

Done between June to October-2021 Study During the period, the firm identified the accounts of more than 26,000 active fraudsters operating on Facebook. The accounts of more than 20,000 active fraudsters were found on Instagram. This year is more than 2020, but less than 2019. In 2019, 56,000 such accounts were identified. The special thing is that about 65% of the fraudulent accounts found in 2021 were based in China. 14 per cent of such accounts were being operated from Russia and 7.5 per cent from Turkey.

Ghost Data is an Italian based analytics firm. It was founded by cyber security expert Andrea Stropa. She is also a Data Analyst Consultant at the World Economic Forum. The firm has a record of digital propaganda being spread on social media by fraudsters and Islamic State supporters.

Online commerce is a priority for Meta. It has given new features to buy and has increased the revenue of the company. But users selling counterfeit goods create problems for them by using the company’s platform. A Meta spokesperson said in a statement that counterfeit and fraudulent sales are a problem that persists with new technology. We are getting better every day at preventing this and cracking down on fraudsters.

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