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Ever since WhatsApp has announced its new privacy policy in India, the company has come under attack from everyone. However, in a recent survey, this new policy of WhatsApp has been rejected by 82% users. 37 percent of the people surveyed considered it a serious violation of people’s privacy. At the same time, 45% have said that they can stay on WhatsApp with this policy. Whereas 18% people say that WhatsApp’s new policy update has not worried them. ET Telecom said this from a survey conducted by market research and communication advisory firm BM Nxt on WhatsApp’s new policy. Report is prepared.

WhatsApp Despite the controversy over the policy, 28% say they have no plans to switch to an alternative instant messaging app to WhatsApp. While 29% say that they will switch to other instant messaging apps within a month. 25% of the people surveyed say that they will switch to another messaging platform within a week. Apart from this, 18% of the people surveyed said that they have already switched to the alternative instant messaging platform of WhatsApp.

Deepak Kumar, Founder and Analyst, Better World – BM Nxt on WhatsApp Policy, said, WhatsApp’s new policy has made people aware. people now non messaging whatsapp platform There has been more information about these companies, which can now help in increasing the user base of these companies. Apart from this, in the future, WhatsApp users will be able to use other instant messaging platforms like Telegram and Signal can switch on. 34% of the people surveyed on WhatsApp voted Telegram as an alternative to WhatsApp.

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