The Belgian Police has once again warned Android users. Police have warned of a return of the ‘Joker’ virus and advised Android users to avoid 8 apps. Let us tell you, Joker Virus hides itself under the guise of apps inside the Google Play store and once the user installs it on their phone, it infects the device through the app. This virus can allegedly gain access to payment services without your knowledge.

The Belgian Police has posted a statement It has been released and told that Joker virus has been found in 8 apps on Google Play Store. These are the same 8 apps that researchers at Security Labs Quick Heal found in June this year. detected Was. They were also removed from Google Play by the search giant after complaining to Google. However, if these apps are still installed on a device, then it needs to be removed immediately.

Police has warned users to remove these 8 apps from their mobile phones as soon as possible. These include Auxiliary Message, Element Scanner, Fast Mic SMS, Free CamScanner, Go Messages, Super Message, Super SMS and Travel Wallpapers apps. Users still running these apps can become a victim of ‘Joker’ virus.

The ‘Joker’ virus first appeared in 2017. According to Quick Hill, Joker virus captures highly sensitive information like data, SMS, contacts, device information as well as OTP. The virus can gain access to payment services and withdraw money from users’ bank accounts or credit cards. If you have any of the above mentioned 8 apps on your mobile too, then we would recommend you to remove it immediately.

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