Drakomon v1.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No ADS)

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In Drakomon’s online environment, you may have instantaneous epic battles and engage in exciting activities like catching, training, and evolving your Pokemon.

In Drakomon, players engage in dramatic hand-to-hand combat with dragon animals, catch a train and evolve throughout the game. The game’s primary objective is for the user to collect and level up a strong team of dragons, each with their attributes and powers, before challenging other players worldwide in battle. The multiplayer online feature of Drakomon tasks players with capturing the game’s strongest wide monsters so they can level up their strength and other attributes as they battle other players’ monsters in fully animated 3D battles. Monster gurus from all across Dragonia. Players will face off against real-life teachers from all over the world in the PVP online multiplayer mode.

In Drakomon, you go on an amazing epic journey in which you visit several towns, do numerous chores, and meet new characters or cute monsters. Players can personalize their trainer uniforms by changing the color, style, and pattern of their shirts, hair, and pants. You can expect powerful dragons to fight, capture, train, and evolve, each with its statistics and capabilities.


  • You may personalize your trainer by giving them a variety of stylish outfits, hairstyles, jeans, and more to wear.
  • Explore an incredible and immersive 3D environment by wandering around in a variety of places, completing many tasks, and finding new characters and adorable monsters while following an engaging narrative and embarking on an epic journey.
  • In the player-versus-player (PVP) multiplayer online mode, you will face off against trainers from all over the world and demonstrate your fighting prowess.
  • Explore the world in search of formidable dragon creatures, then engage them in combat, catch them, and then train and evolve them to give them new abilities and stats. Duels against other monster trainers from across Dragonia may be fought in fully animated, 3D environments.

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