As of today, nothing is more important than the Aadhar card for your identity. In such a situation, you often need Aadhar number or Aadhar card. Sometimes it happens that you have to download your aadhar card from website it happens. In such a situation, OTP is required which is sent to your registered mobile number through SMS. You can download your Aadhar card only by using OTP.

OTP is also required to update the information related to Aadhar card. This is also sent to the mobile number registered with the Aadhar card. Now the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has started a new service.

To update any information or download the Aadhar card, the user has to wait for the OTP. TOTP (Time Based OTP) will get rid of it. It has also been told that in the coming time all the services of Aadhar linked to OTP will be migrated to TOTP. Now the question in your mind will be that what is this TOTP? And how does it work?

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Time Based OTP is a dynamic password which is available on mAadhaar App. It is same as OTP. But it is not sent through SMS and you will get it on the mAadhaar app. TOTP is valid only for 30 seconds. A new TOTP becomes available as soon as the time runs out.

What is the use of TOTP?
You can use TOTP to download and modify the Aadhar card. To generate TOTP, you need to first download the mAadhaar app on your smartphone. This app is available on Google Play Store. Follow this process for this…

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1. You have to download the mAadhaar app by visiting the Google Play Store.
2. Download this app in the same phone in which you are using mobile registered with Aadhaar. Because the app has automatic verification through SMS.
3. After this your mAadhaar app will be activated. Here you will be asked to create a password. Follow the instructions and create a password.
4. After that register your Aadhar card. As soon as you enter your Aadhar number. Your Aadhar card will come on this app. Here you will see TOTP at the bottom of the card.
5. As soon as you tap on TOTP. You will see an 8-digit password. This password will be valid for 30 seconds only. With the end of time, a new TOTP will be generated.

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Now whenever you download your card from the website of Aadhaar or any other update information Would like During this, the TOTP shown on the smartphone can be used.

Do You Have TOTP radio button is activated on Aadhar card download page. Similar is the case with Aadhaar’s self-service website. Before updating here, you are asked for Aadhaar number. Then the system of TOTP with OTP has been activated.

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