Everyone knows about Google Chrome’s reign in the Internet browser market share. Its share has seen a steady increase since its launch.

There are many reasons for this. Due to its simple interface, many users prefer to leave their old browser and use it. But no one should doubt about the powerful features of this trusted browser. It is equipped with a variety of features.

Chrome has tons of fun features that add to your browsing experience. We will discuss only those features in this article. You may already know about many of these features, yet there is no harm in getting to know them one more time.

1. Pin Tab
Have you got a webpage open that you don’t want to close? Then the Pin Tab feature will work to fulfill this desire of yours. To use it, right click on the tab, then click on “Pin Tab”. After that that tab will become the permanent page. This page will be fixed permanently by going to the left corner of the browser.

2. Add or Subtract Chrome’s Address Bar
You must be aware that Chrome’s address bar also works as Google’s search bar. But did you know that it can also act as a calculator? You type 12+50 in the search and wait for few seconds. And the result of this addition 62 will start appearing automatically.

3. Make Chrome a File Manager
You and I use Windows Explorer to find any file in the computer. It works as a file manager. Did you know that you can also use Google Chrome to access any file? You have to type file:///C:/ in the address bar and all the folders will be in front of you.

4. Chrome will become an audio-video player
You can also use your Chrome browser as an audio-video player. Simply drag and drop the file on the Chrome browser. Google Chrome will do the next work automatically.

5. Drag and drop the downloaded file
You can easily send downloaded files in Chrome directly to the desktop or any other folder of your choice. That is, after the file is downloaded, there will be no need to go to the download location again and again to access it.

6. Google Chrome will work as a PDF reader
If you don’t have a PDF reader on your system and need to open a PDF file, don’t worry. Drag and drop the PDF file directly onto the new Chrome tab. This file will open.

7. Task Manager
You can shut down webpages that are taking too long to upload. For this you will not even need to close the browser. To do this, go to Settings, then More Tools, then Task Manager. In Task Manager, you will also be able to see the memory and CPU resources used by each tab.

Do you also know about any interesting feature of Google Chrome. Let us know through the comment box below.

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