Creative Launcher v7.8 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Creative Launcher is an application where users can optionally change the phone’s interface to be neater or arrange applications in the positions they want. The application will help you quickly find other applications on your phone without having to spend too much time and effort. Moreover, the application will help the user’s phone save more battery and increase the device’s memory.

Creative Launcher – Quick & smart launcher 2020


This is a handy feature of the application because it supports smart keyboard users to be able to search for other applications by their initials. Moreover, users can also use two modes of brightness and light alternately right on their phone as well as know the weather of tomorrow or many places around the world. Users can also choose the type of search bar on the phone screen to match the interface and lock their desktop’s layout.

Creative Launcher – Quick & smart launcher 2020 Creative Launcher – Quick & smart launcher 2020


Creative Launcher application also supports users with up to 1000 different new themes and wallpapers for users to freely choose the wallpapers they like. When using this application, users also receive notifications from missed messages, SMS, or calls so that they can respond as quickly as possible. More specifically, the application also has a feature to protect users’ eyes from being affected by the blue light of laptops and phones.

Creative Launcher – Quick & smart launcher 2020 Creative Launcher – Quick & smart launcher 2020


Users can sort and divide applications according to a specific model if they do not want to search for applications by letter names. Examples of learning will include which applications support learning or which applications belong to social networks, which will be divided into a group—from there, making the user’s search even more convenient as well as easily knowing what you use the smartphone for the most and can take measures to improve.

Creative Launcher is an application that any user should have. Because the application has too many unique features that can support users in many different cases, users should download the application on Google Play for the best experience as well as explore the special features of the application in all various aspects.

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