Computer sales in India down 2.2% in Q2 2016: IDC

A total of 21.4 lakh personal computers were sold in Q2 of FY 2016-17, up 7.2 per cent on a quarterly basis, as against a decline of 2.2 per cent in Q2 of FY 2015-16. At the same time, HP’s computers were the most sold.

Market research company International Data Corporation (IDC) gave this information on Wednesday. It said that HP’s share in the Indian PC market stood at 28.4 per cent.

Commenting on the development, Ketan Patel, Director (Personal Systems), HP Inc. India said, “It is our emphasis on digital transformation that has enabled us to maintain our market leadership and provide consumers with access to technology and innovative products. And doing business through solutions is a testament to our commitment to India.”

At the same time, 10.5 lakh personal computers were sold in the second quarter of the financial year 2016-17, an increase of 14.5 percent on a year-on-year basis.

“India as a whole sold a record 10.9 lakh computers, up 1.1 per cent on a quarterly basis,” said Manish Yadav, senior market analyst (client devices), IDC India.

In the PC market, Dell came second with a market share of 22.2 percent, while Lenovo came third with a market share of 16.1 percent.

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