Chhath Puja 2021

Chhath Puja 2021: Chhath Mahaparva starts from today with bath, know auspicious time

Chhath Puja 2021 Date In the bathing of Chhath Puja, the fasting takes a bath in the river or pond in the morning and prepares new Arva rice rice and gram dal and pumpkin curry. The enthusiasm of Chhath festival is visible from the market to the house.

Ranchi, Jan. Chhath Puja, the great festival of folk faith, has started today with a bath. People are getting excited about Chhath Puja from homes to markets. In the bath, the fasting takes a bath in the river or pond in the morning and prepares new Arva rice rice and gram dal and pumpkin curry. However, in view of the corona infection, most of the fasts are making pumpkin rice this time by taking a bath at home. This food is made from rock salt. It is believed that the first bhog of pumpkin rice is offered to Lord Surya on the day of bathing. After this Vratis observe Maha Nirjala fast of 36 hours with Kharna.

Chhath Puja 2021

On Sunday, Chhath fasting women wash and dry the wheat for Kharna. In the evening, people were seen shopping for vegetables and ration for the preparation of Kharna in the market. The market is overcrowded for Chhath. Sunil Gupta, a wholesale grocery trader of Upper Bazar, says that the effect of inflation is visible in the market. But the enthusiasm of the people regarding Chhath has not diminished. The sale of fruits and vegetables from ration shop to fruits and vegetables is getting better. Banana has been specially imported from Hajipur in Bihar for Chhath. Two trucks of Hajipur bananas can reach Harmu fruit market on Monday.

Vratis will offer Arghya at home due to Corona

The Jharkhand government has given permission to people to go to the ghats during Chhath festival. Despite this, people are preparing to offer Chhath Arghya at their home to avoid corona infection and crowd. The sale of bathtubs in the market is increasing every day on the occasion of Chhath. With this, worship can easily be done on the roof of the house or in the garden. Bath tubs are available in the market in different sizes and shapes ranging from Rs 1150 to Rs 15,000. Once purchased, it can be used for a long time.

Nahay-Khai Muhurta: From 6.42 am to 12.27 pm in the morning.

Chhath Puja 2021 Nahay Khay: Chhath Mahaparva started with Nahay Khay today, know the method of worship

Chhath Puja 2021 Nahay Khay: Let us tell you that Chhath Mahaparv has started from today i.e. 8th November 2021. In this four-day long festival, the Shukla Paksha Chaturthi date of Kartik month is bathed and eaten.

Chhath Puja 2021 Nahay Khay: The festival of faith, Chhath 2021 (Chhath Puja 2021 Nahay Khay) is starting from today. Although this festival is mainly celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand and Eastern Uttar Pradesh, but nowadays many people have started observing this fast. On this festival of folk faith, Chhath fasting worships the rising and setting sun by offering them arghya. This festival is also called Surya Shashthi Vrat, hence it is also called Chhath. This fast is celebrated twice a year in Chaitra and second time in Kartik. Let us tell you that there is more recognition of Chhath performed in the month of Kartik.

Chhath 2021 Mahaparv will start from today

Let us tell you that today i.e. from 8th November 2021, Chhath 2021 Mahaparv has started. In this four-day long festival, the Shukla Paksha Chaturthi date of Kartik month is bathed and eaten in 2021. On this special day, Chhath Vratis take bath near a river, pond or lake and after that take sattvik food only once in a day. The second day of Chhath i.e. Panchami is called Kharna. On this day, the Chhath Vrati observes a waterless fast throughout the day and in the evening, after offering Kheer and roti made of Arva rice to Chhath Mayya, after taking their prasad. With this, the fasting of 36 hours of fasting starts. Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya also extended his best wishes on Chhath festival.

Here is the schedule of Chhath 2021-
November 8, 2021- (Nahay-Khay 2021)
9 November 2021- (Kharna 2021)
10 November 2021- (Arghya to the setting sun)
11 November 2021- (Arghya to the rising sun)


This is the method of Chhath Puja-

Let us tell you that on the day of this four-day long festival, the first day is bathed and eaten. On this day, the fasting eats only the sattvik food prepared with purity at home. After this, after fasting for the second day and after fasting, jaggery kheer i.e. ‘Rasiav’ is made in the evening. With this, the fasting eats after putting bread in the bhog. After this, a 36-hour waterless fast is observed for Chhath. Gives midday evening. People go near any water source near their house and offer ardhya to the setting sun. On this day people definitely offer Thekua specially made on Chhath as prasad. After this, on the last day of worship, ends the Chhath festival by offering Ardhya to the rising sun. After this, the fasting ends the fast by consuming prasad.

These things are needed in Chhath Puja-

Saree, large baskets made of bamboo, brass or bass soup, milk, water, lota, shali, sugarcane, seasonal fruits, paan, suthna, betel nut, sweets, diya etc. It should be mentioned that all the fruits and vegetables available in the season are offered to the Sun God on the day of Chhath.

Chhath puja 2021: Chhath festival begins, why Chhath festival is celebrated, know through these popular folklore

Chhath Puja has started from today. Chhath Puja is a great festival of Lokastha. Chhath festival is celebrated every year on the sixth day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. Originally, it is called Chhath due to the fasting of Surya Shashti. This festival is celebrated twice a year. for the first time in Chaitra and Second time in Kartik. The Chhath festival celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Paksha Shashti is called Chaiti Chhath and the festival celebrated on Kartik Shukla Paksha Shashthi is called Kartiki Chhath. This festival starts with a bath and on the fourth day, with offering Arghya to the rising sun, the festival ends, that is, Chhath Puja is a four-day festival. During this, the fasting devotees keep a fast for 36 hours continuously. During this time they do not even take water. Many folk tales are associated with the festival of this folk belief, let’s know what are these folk tales-

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