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WhatsApp is adding a new function to the Disappearing messages feature of Whatsapp. After this, users will be able to set the timing of the message in the chat and after that set timing, the message will be automatically deleted. This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. According to this, WhatsApp users will now have the option to automatically turn on the Disappearing Message feature for all their new one-on-one chats. This will automatically delete all future messages.

WhatsApp is owned by Meta, which also operates Facebook and Instagram. from whatsapp Having said that he is more concerned about the period of deleting the message to the users giving options, This feature was first launched in November last year, when users had the option to disable the message after seven days.

But now users will have the option to make the message disappear even after 24 hours or 90 days. There were reports about this earlier also and then this function was being developed.

It is also worth noting here that turning on the defaulting of Disappearing messages will not affect the existing chats, that is, they will remain in your phone. When you start a new one-on-one chat, a notice asking you to turn on the Disappearing Message feature will appear. Users will also have the option to turn off the setting for individual chats.

The new default setting will have no effect on group chats. The company has said that the new features are available on all platforms. Instructions on how to use them can be found in the FAQ page of WhatsApp.

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