Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost v3.7.0 MOD APK (Attack, Health Multiplier)

Bungo Stray Dogs is a role-playing game adapted from the same name cartoon. According to the storyline, the game takes players into a fanciful world with many attractions, and many hidden secrets will be discovered gradually. At the same time, fierce battles are constantly happening, whether you like it or not. Build your character with great strength and a combined battle formation to always win no matter who the opponent is!


In Bungo Stray Dogs, the characters in the game are designed after the characters from the famous cartoon of the same name. Each character has a special unique name and also has special skills. Therefore, each character has a different personality and direction of action as well as different characteristics.

Although it is built based on the available things from the cartoon, the game allows you to choose the character you like and change the data about the character’s personality in the settings. Gather the characters you like and upgrade their attributes to create the strongest party. There is no limit to the number of characters you can team up with. However, for each battle, you can only choose a limited number of troops.

The battle maps are designed according to the scenes of the cartoon for each battle. Each setting is reminiscent of an episode to those who have seen it. For those who are new to the game, the game will make you imagine an interesting anime movie. The maps are unlocked in turn after each level. Conquer the difficulty of hundreds of different levels to enjoy all the beautiful spaces in the game.

Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost
Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost


The details in Bungo Stray Dogs, although built based on the original text from the cartoon, will be completely new and unique. The happenings can all change depending on your preferences. In other words, you will be the one to rewrite this story in your own way. However, like a movie, this game also has mysteries to find. The knots that cause chaos between the forces, the cause of the psychological ghosts of the characters or a certain shocking secret will gradually be revealed through the levels of the game. What will happen next is always a mystery that you need to find out.

Besides, the sound of the game will be voiced similar to the voice of the character in the movie. The character’s costume is also designed to be similar to the original. The sound effects of the moves are also taken care of to match the original, creating very smooth footage in the game. It’s like you’re watching a new version of this anime.


The battles in the mysterious and dark world of Bungo Stray Dogs are played out with simple fighting. Players need to drag and drop the character’s moves to attack. Use more animals to increase damage. You can upgrade your character’s characteristics or buy items to strengthen your character to get stronger.

Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost

Set up a battle plan with the formation of your own arrangement. Each character will have a bar showing the amount of health. When all that blood is consumed, the character will die. However, in a battle, you can use multiple characters to fight together. Destroying the opponent’s faction is the top priority. After each match, a few interesting things are gradually revealed. It could be the amazing mystery you’ve been looking for!


  • Role-playing game with characters built from the cartoon of the same name, but this time, many details are changed under your choice
  • Character graphics, costumes, skill effects and voiceover sound are designed to be similar to the original of the cartoon
  • Each character has its own personality and characteristics. Choose the characters you like to form a battle party
  • Hundreds of levels and hundreds of different game maps are waiting to be conquered
  • Take advantage of placement and upgrade character attributes to create the strongest warriors and win every battle

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