Beeper (Beeper) is a new app, which is offering 15 chat platforms on one platform. It works as a central hub and you are getting many chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Signal, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp. Interestingly, Beeper brings Apple’s iMessage to Android, Linux and Windows. Apart from messaging, you can also archive and snooze your chats on Beeper.

But let us tell you that this is a subscription service and for this you will have to pay a monthly price of $ 10. In Indian rupees, this price is 730 rupees. With all these apps coming on just one platform, users will get a lot of convenience, they will not have to download the rest of the apps on their mobile again and again.

The 15 chat services supported on Beeper include Android Messages SMS, the Beeper network, Discord, Hangouts, iMessage, Instagram, IRC, Matrix, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Twitter and Whatsapp to name a few. According to Beeper, it will add a new chat network to its platform every few weeks.

Beeper was formerly known as NovaChat. It is built under the open source Matrix messaging protocol. It has been created by Eric Migicovsky, the founder of Pebble smartwatches. you beeper on this Link You can sign up through After this you will get an invitation to join. Users have been updated by Beeper that it will soon give the option of dark mode to the users in the new update.

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