Beast Brawl v73 MOD APK (Free Shopping, Chest)

The mobile dungeon crawler game Beast Brawl is available for free play, and players take control of either Summoners or Beasts. You’ll need to switch between your Summoners, raise newly hatched Beasts, conquer each one of the randomly generated maps, acquire that pile of riches, and, most importantly, claim your spot in the world rankings.

Real-time action gameplay never stops, in which players’ positioning, the make-up of their teams, and their ability to react to changing circumstances will determine their success against swarms of monsters; this is a novel and innovative take on the action genre.

You can hatch them all! There are over 60 distinct animals and 250 distinct abilities to hatch and train on launch. Explore 15 distinct places. Each adventure map is procedurally produced, complete with its unique set of adversaries and effects on the environment.

Customization of five different equipment attributes and equipment kinds. Fifteen levels to improve. Statistics that are created at random, in addition to much more! There will never again be a Beast like this.

When an expedition ends, the fun doesn’t have to. The excitement is just getting started with Strikes, Hunts, Guild, Co-op, Seasonal Events, and a lot more to look forward to.

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