Band Live Rock v4.5.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Why should you utilize Band Live Rock?

Enjoy the experience of playing live music with a full band while using this free sequencer and mixer simulator. You may polish your skills as a hero on the drums, guitar, piano, bass, and a microphone for singing all with this one app. You may mix your songs on your mobile device, like a phone or tablet.

You get access to a multitrack recording studio when playing Band Live Rock. You can choose to focus on one instrument, or you can broaden your creative horizons by writing whole songs, recording each instrument on its own while listening to the others in the mix.

Make recordings of your performances and play them for your friends at a later time. For a greater experience, listen to music at a high volume while using a headset. Band Live Rock is intended for use by everyone, from novices who are interested in learning how to play musical instruments to seasoned artists who are want to develop their creative capabilities in a portable digital audio workstation.


  • Compatible with MIDI controllers that are not internal
  • App that is easy to use and has several instruments
  • The lowest possible latency that can be found on Android.
  • Sound bank sets recorded in a high-quality studio environment.
  • You can record an endless number of tracks.
  • Full 81-key piano, as well as full bass and guitar with 19 frets each
  • Drum kit with advanced features, including left-hand mode and double bass.
  • Complete Digital Audio Workstation including several tracks, BPM control, and a variety of sub-sections for each track
  • In edition mode, you may copy your tracks, remove them, or modify how they sound. Zoom in and out for the music here and there.
  • You have the ability to edit each of your sections or portions by relocating, copying and pasting, deleting, transposing, or changing the velocity. Coming soon: even more useful features!
  • Advanced capabilities such as Solo, Mute, and individually adjustable volumes may be used to mix your music.
  • Your creations may be exported to numerous audio formats, including MIDI, OGG, and MP3.
  • Adjustment of the playback position
  • Autosave mode.
  • Band Live Rock is available for free, but a permanent license that allows you to remove advertisements and gain access to upcoming unique content may be purchased for a fee.

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