Welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup [CWC 2022] final between Australia and England in Christchurch on Sunday.

It’s been one hell of a tournament and our coverage will endure. We will look back at some of the best moments of the World Cup and talking points that will carry forward into the next cycle. Make sure you watch our space for all that and more. Thanks for joining us in our coverage this past month. Until the next game of the cricket for the girls, take care and goodbye!

Meg Lanning: I think we have been extremely consistent over a long period of time. It’s been a long time coming. I think we deserved a victory today.

Heather Knight: I think it was a 50-50 decision at the toss. Credit to Australia for bringing such a performance in the final. It was one of the best innings I have seen in my life from Healy. If we would have kept them just above 300, we would have been in with a chance. They were ruthless and take the game away from the opposition.

Unbelievable from Nat. The skill against spin and seam, unfortunately we couldn’t have someone stand with her in the middle. Massively proud of the group, given how we managed to turn in around. Unfortunately one win was too many for us.

We have got a big year with the Commonwealth Games at home and then the T20 World Cup. Special mention to Sophie Ecclestone, highest wicket taker. It gives me pleasure to see the youngsters doing well. The staff have been on the road for two-three months. Thanks for keeping us going. Lovely to see the big crowd here tonight.


Rachael Haynes: It was nice to contribute and get some runs. Sometimes you can get on the roll but nice to make some decent contribution. It is fun to bat with Healy, she really takes pressure off me. She was phenomenal today. That was a crucible moment for our group, to finish 2017 the way we did. Things didn’t go to plan. But it helped the team understand how we wanted to play and execute under pressure. To play consistently for so long and in the tournament also was special.

Ellyse Perry: For Midge (Healy) to do what she did was amazing. We had a wonderful crowd in. It was pretty close but a huge amount of gratitude for our medical team for helping me get there. From a personal perspective, it was wonderful to be involved. I did mark my run-up when we got to the ground but it was a long shot. It hasn’t always gone our way and that’s a huge shift from 2017. Just a shift of attitude and mindset – the way the group has dealt with it all is impressive.

Alana King: If someone told me I’d win a World Cup soon after my debut,  I’d tell them they’d be joking. I’m so proud of this team to win the way we did and shows the character of this team. It’s a big family, the Australian camp. The moment I walked in I was welcomed with open arms and credit to the girls for building that culture for the last few years. I came in fresh from the WBBL. Healy played an outstanding innings, I was enjoying the show with popcorn on the side. The top order gave us the start and in the final too, shows the kind of players, and the hunger they have for the big stage.

Alyssa Healy Not sunk in yet. It is something we have been working towards for a long period of time. To get over the line was pretty cool. The job was half done, we knew we had a good total. But we knew their lineup was peaking at the right time. The bowlers held their nerves. Sciver played a special knock, almost got them over the line. It was nice to get out there and put up a good total on board. Proud of the batting group and whole group. I think everyone has worked very hard for this. It has been a five-year wait for a title people said we would have had.

Australia has beaten England by 71 runs to win their record seventh ODI World Cup title.


ENG 285 ALL OUT in 43.4 OVERS:
Nat Sciver is unfazed. Jonassen returns and sends a flatter ball down the track to Sciver who gets a lucky edge past leg stump for four. She then pushes one to midwicket for a single. Question remains, how long can Shrubsole stick it out? Turns out not too long. She tries to get some elevation and hit over the field but falls short as Gardner picks her out. That’s the end. AUSTRALIA WIN.

ENG 280/9 in 43 overs: SCIVER IS STRANDED as Garnder gets Dean. She starts off with slightly tossed up deliveries trying to draw a shot out of Dean and after a single and a couple for Sciver and Dean, manages to get Dean to make a mistake. She tries to sweep Gardner but ends up top edging to Jonassen at short third. Australia is one wicket away from a famous title win. Shrubsole the last batter in.

ENG 275/8 in 42 overs: Jonassen returns. 6 runs come off the over. Dean first pulls a shortish delivery to midwicket for a single.  Jonassen then chooses to go very full but the pair negotiate a single each. Sciver is itching for a boundary and comes down the track to thump one to the fence through long-on but finds Mooney. Two runs saved. Sciver then drives the last ball to long on. She will retain strike.

Now the big question is, can Sciver overtake Healy?

ENG 269/8 in 41 overs: Ash Gardner comes in for her first over of the day and is given heavy offside protection. But you can only do so much with Sciver on strike as the England vice captain finds a way to find the fence with a reverse sweep. Sciver then sends a shorter delivery to midwicket for two runs and then lofts one up over the same region to get Dean back on strike. Dean now reverse sweeps managing a handy couple and then slogs one over to deep midwicket for a single to retain strike. 10 runs off the over.


ENG 259/8 in 40 overs: Meg Lanning has set a tight field for Dean, with boundaries largely free. She’s trying to draw out an error but Sciver is quick to remind Dean that she needs to focus on rotating strike. Just three runs come off this Jonassen over as the Aussies work on choking Dean at one end.

ENG 256/8 in 39 overs: This is very much a Sciver vs Australia match now. She lifts Schutt to midwicket for a single. Dean negotiates the leg cutter for a single to get Schutt back on strike. She wants a boundary and she’ll take it any way it comes as a thick edge goes over fine leg for four. The pair see off the over with three singles to keep the English score ticking.

ENG 247/8 in 38 overs: Sciver sweeps and picks up a single on the second delivery. Has a chat with Charlie Dean, who defends from her crease and picks up a single on the fourth delivery. Oh and that would have been game, set and match. Sciver tries to sweep, the ball sneaks through and beats the wicketkeeper and the stumps.

ENG 242/8 in 37 overs: Sciver pulls to fine leg for two runs. Then plays a scoop shot for four runs! Three more singles from the over. The runs keep coming but England has lost too many wickets. 115 needed from 78.

ENG 233/8 in 36 overs: Sciver comes down the pitch and lofts the ball to deep midwicket for four runs! Then played down to long-on for a single. Oh and a leading edge. Falls short of the point fielder. Short, outside off-stump, Dean cuts past cover for a boundary.

ENG 223/8 in 35 overs: Sciver sweeps/pulls the ball to fine leg and comes back for the second! It’s a magnificent century. The strike rate is 100+ as well. It’s a hardworking innings with the occasional audacious strokes. Lots of running by England’s batters in this over from McGrath.

ENG 215/8 in 34 overs: Jonassen back into the attack. Cross turns the ball to the leg side for a single. Reverse sweep from Sciver: four runs! Moves to 97. Tucks the ball to leg to pick up a single. Oh and out! Will she run out of partners? Cross just chips the ball back to the bowler, who dives to take the catch. Charlie Dean tucks the ball fine to pick up two runs.

Kate Cross c & b Jonassen 2 (3b)

ENG 207/7 in 33 overs: Ecclestone pulls to fine leg for a single. Then Sciver tucks one to the leg side for another single. Huge shout! Given! McGrath fires in a full delivery on middle stump; Ecclestone plays all around it. Ecclestone doesn’t take the review. Australia now three wickets away.

Kate Cross square drives for a single.

Sophie Ecclestone lbw b McGrath 3(10b)

ENG 204/6 in 32 overs: It seems Sciver is the only one standing between Australia and a World Cup triumph. She sweeps to deep midwicket to pick up two runs and move to 87. A dot, then she pulls again to deep midwicket. Single. A single from Ecclestone brings up the 200 for England. Sciver gets a full delivery on leg stump and sweeps hard for a boundary to long leg. Moves into the 90s.

ENG 196/6 in 31 overs: A quiet, accurate over from Tahlia McGrath. Just two singles from it. Sciver pulls to deep midwicket on the final delivery, picks up a single to move to 85 and keep strike for the next over.

ENG 193/6 in 30 overs: Sciver plays the reverse sweep and collects a boundary. Then tries a paddle sweep and the ball travels to square leg: two runs. And stumped! King lures Katherine Brunt, the new batter, out of her crease, and Healy does the rest. That’s the sixth wicket down. Time for drinks.

Sophie Ecclestone is the new batter; she sweeps to deep square leg for a single. A single to finish the over as well.

ENG 184/5 in 29 overs: Schutt continues. Sciver plays the ball to deep square leg for two runs. Plenty of singles. Sciver, on the third delivery, tries a ramp stroke and is too early on her stroke – ball travels to square leg. Five from the over.

ENG 179/5 in 28 overs: King bowls from around the wicket. Reverse swept for no run. Then lofted towards deep midwicket for a single. Turn for King; on a good length, defended well by Dunckley. Dunckley steps out of the crease for a an expansive stroke, and gets an edge. Two runs. It brings up the 50 partnership between Sciver and Dunckley.

BOWLED! Dunckley tries to play a sweep to a delivery on leg-stump from around the wicket. The ball sneaks through under the bat and shatters the stumps.

Sophia Dunckley b King (23, 22b, 1×4)

ENG 176/4 in 27 overs: Megan Schutt back into the attack. Driven to midwicket for no run by Sciver. Huge shout for lbw; Healy was the one appeal with the most enthusiasm. Dunckley attempted a paddle sweep and missed; but there was bat on it as the ball travelled to fine leg. Single again, this time to square leg. Sciver lofts to deep extra cover for one run. Dunckley attempts the sweep and misses. No run. Short, wide: cut away by Dunckley for four!

ENG 169/4 in 26 overs: The batters continue to pick the singles on offer. Sciver, on the third delivery of the over, comes down the track for a big hit, but plays the ball to long-off for a single. Last ball: swept by Dunckley, it’s a top edge to long leg. Two runs.

ENG 162/4 in 25 overs: DROPPED! Dunckley drives and is nearly caught out! Meg Lanning leaps to her right but can’t hold on to it. Single taken. Then short from Jonassen, pulled for four by Sciver. Four singles and a boundary from this over.

ENG 154/4 in 24 overs: Alana King to bowl her fifth over. Full toss to start off; swept to long leg for a single. Full delivery on leg-stump, Dunckley sweeps to fine leg for a single. A sweep again, single. Dunckley attempts another sweep, but nearly drags it on the stumps! The ball travels to third man: two runs. Last ball: Sciver lofts to vacant long-off for four runs! 150 is up for England.

ENG 144/4 in 23 overs: Jonassen continues. Plenty of singles in this over but it won’t bother Australia too much. Five from it. The required run-rate: 7.89.

Natalie Sciver plays a shot. – GETTY IMAGES


ENG 139/4 in 22 overs: Brown continues. Wide down the leg side. Short ball; Sophia Dunckley ducks under it. She picks up a single next ball. Shouts of ‘catch’ but it’s wide of the fielder at midwicket – it’s a short ball, pulled away by Sciver. Then a single to square leg gets Sciver her half-century. Wide down the leg side, again. Dunckley lofts the ball to deep extra cover for two runs.

ENG 131/4 in 21 overs: Jones plays the sweep and picks up a single. Oh and some hesitation between the wickets as Sciver taps the ball on the off-side and runs a quick single. Safe eventually. But Jones goes for a big hit but doesn’t get hold of it. Caught by Alana King at mid-off! Partnership is broken.

Two singles to finish off.

Amy Jones c King b Jonassen 20 (18b, 2×4)

ENG 127/3 in 20 overs: Short, from Darcie Brown, who is back to bowl her 20th over. Sciver pulls, gets a top edge. The ball flies away over the head of the wicketkeeper for four runs. It’s followed up by a length delivery; Sciver slogs to the leg side and picks up four more! Wide ball. Short again, and pulled to deep square leg for a single. Jones steers one through the gap between cover and point for a single. Keeps strike.

ENG 114/3 in 19 overs: Left-arm spinner Jess Jonassen in the attack now. Sciver turns the ball to the on-side for a single. Two dot balls, then short from Jonassen, pulled to deep midwicket for two runs. Short again, and pulled again, this time for four runs! Full delivery outside off-stump, Jones tries to slog it out of the ground, but doesn’t time the ball, which evades the mid-off fielder. Two runs.

ENG 105/3 in 18 overs: A ramp stroke from Sciver! And she is rewarded with a boundary! A nice way to bring up the 100 for England. Again, with the field spread out, plenty of singles on offer.

ENG 98/3 in 17 overs: Flighted delivery from King, it’s full, on leg-stump. Flicked away handsomely by Jones for four runs. That’s her first boundary. Singles galore in that over. It’s the twilight period now, at Christchurch. Floodlights are on.

ENG 90/3 in 16 overs: Amy Jones, the new batter, is off the mark with a single. Plays a drive to deep extra cover. Three more singles from the over.

ENG 86/3 in 15 overs: Knight paddle-sweeps to fine leg for a single. Short, played back to the bowler by Sciver. LBW appeal – it’s upheld! Another sweep attempted, this time by Sciver, but Sciver misses. The ball thuds into the pad. Pitches in line; impact: in line; wickets: missing. Sciver survives. Full, on leg-stump, Sciver drives to long-on for a single.

Oh and another shout! And the England captain is out – she doesn’t stay back to review it! On a good length, Knight stays back in her crease to negotiate it, and doesn’t manage to put bat on ball. The ball turned away as well. Plumb in front? Probably.

Heather Knight lbw b Alana King 26 (25b 4×4)

ENG 84/2 in 14 overs: Shouts of ‘catch it’ but the ball is far away from the fielder at midwicket, as Sciver collects a boundary. It was a full delivery on middle-stump, and it was flicked well. Short ball from McGrath, but Sciver finds the fielder at midwicket this time. No run. Short again, and this time it’s pulled well through square leg for four runs! Another good over for England.

Heather Knight plays a stroke. – GETTY IMAGES


ENG 75/2 in 13 overs: King bowls on a good length to Sciver, who sweeps hard to fine leg for two runs. Three singles also taken from this over.

ENG 71/2 in 12 overs: Tahlia McGrath into the attack. Knight tucks to backward square leg for a single. Two short-of-a-length deliveries to Sciver: one run through third man off the second of those deliveries. Knight tucks one to the leg side again for a single. Sciver picks a single through third man again to keep strike.

ENG 67/2 in 11 overs: Leg-spinner Alana King into the attack. Two singles. And then a rank long hop, pulled away to deep midwicket for six! Short, on middle-stump, cut to point for no run.

ENG 59/2 in 10 overs: Darcie Brown continues for her fifth over. Bowls back of a length to Knight; defended by the batter. Half-volley on leg-stump, flicked away through midwicket for four runs! That brings up the 50 for England. Half-volley on leg-stump again, and flicked again for a boundary, this time the ball goes less squarer. Bouncer from Brown: it’s a wide. It’s followed up by a half-volley outside the off-stump, it’s driven crisply through extra cover for a boundary.

ENG 46/2 in 9 overs: Short of a length delivery on leg-stump, helped on its way to fine leg by Sciver. Two runs. No other run from the over as Schutt bowls stump to stump.

ENG 44/2 in 8 overs: Full, from Darcie Brown, driven through past mid-on by Knight for four runs. Short ball, pulled well. Knight rolls her wrists on it to keep it along the ground. One run. Full, outside the off-stump, from Brown. Driven to cover for no run. The bowler drifts down the leg side, a leg-bye picked up.

Megan Schutt celebrates after getting rid of Tammy Beaumont. – GETTY IMAGES


ENG 38/2 in 7 overs: Slower ball from Schutt: Beaumont drives down the ground for four runs. Excellent stroke. A huge shout for lbw, and given! On a good length, coming in, it hits Beaumont on the pads. She chooses not to take the review. It’s a huge blow for England – Beaumont was playing some lovely strokes and whetted the appetite for a special innings on a special occasion. But it wasn’t to be: nipped in the bud.

Natalie Sciver is the new batter. And another shout for lbw: not given this time. Lanning goes for the review. On a full length, coming in, hits Sciver’s left leg. Was it going down the leg side? Yes, it was.

Tammy Beaumont lbw b Schutt 27 (26b, 5×4)

ENG 34/1 in 6 overs: Brown bowls a half-volley on leg-stump and it’s hit away to fine leg for four runs. Oh a top edge! But safe, Beaumont tried to sweep but got a top edge. The ball doesn’t have the momentum with it to carry all the way to the fielder at deep square leg.

ENG 27/1 in 5 overs: Knight tucks the ball to the leg side for a single. Three dot balls. Beaumont then gets an inside edge off a full delivery and picks up a single.

ENG 25/1 in 4 overs: Short, from Darcie Brown. Beaumont pulls fiercely past midwicket for four runs. Full, outside the off-stump, Beaumont hits the ball to mid-off and picks up a quick single. Full, on midde-stump, the ball squirts down to third man off the outside edge. Single. Driven again to mid-off – no run. A loud shout for lbw, not given. On a good length, goes straight with the angle to hit the pads. Perhaps going down the leg side? Perhaps too high as well? The Australians decide not to take the review.

ENG 19/1 in 3 overs: BOWLED! The ball swung in sharply and went through the defenses of Wyatt. Australia draws first blood. Heather Knight picks up a single to get off the mark. Beaumont flicks through midwicket for four runs. Excellent stroke – bisected the fielders nicely. Again, she switches to around the wicket. Short of a length to Knight, who defends from her crease. Wide down the leg side. Last ball: driven to mid-off for no run.

Danny Wyatt b Schutt 4 (5b, 1×4)

ENG 12/0 in 2 overs: Darcie Brown comes on to bowl the second over. Beaumont attempts a pull shot, gets a top edge, but the ball travels to fine leg for four runs. Oh and nearly caught at slip! On a good length, Beaumont hangs her bat and the ball finds the edge; the ball travels to the slips but falls just short. Short, punched off the back-foot to point for no run. Full delivery, defended back to the bowler. Oh and an inside edge – the batters scamper back for two.

ENG 6/0 in 1 over: The first run of the innings, off the second delivery of the first over. Beaumont flicks to deep midwicket for a single. Schutt switches to around the wicket after three deliveries; sprays it down the leg side – wide. Width – seized upon by Wyatt, who slices the ball to deep point for four runs. A nice defensive stroke on the last delivery.

Welcome back.

The Australians walk out to take their positions on the field. Tammy Beaumont and Danny Wyatt come out to bat for England. Megan Schutt to bowl the first over.

A surreal batting effort from Australia. Obliterated the English bowling attack. A slow start from the Australia openers gave way to some fireworks in the latter half. As the innings wore on, the boundaries started coming thick and fast.

Healy played one of the best innings of her career to score a pugnacious 170. Her innings is – in effect – Ricky Ponting’s innings of 140 (unbeaten) during the 2003 World Cup final. Here are all the milestones Alyssa Healy crossed during the Women’s World Cup final. We’ll be back in a bit for the run chase.

AUS 356/5 in 50 overs: Final over. Shrubsole to bowl it. McGrath takes a single. Perry tucks to the leg side for two runs. Perry drives the ball through cover for two more runs. And four more! Full, on middle-stump – Perry slogs to deep midwicket. And another boundary – she digs out a yorker, opening the face of the bat to squeeze the ball out to deep point for four.

Perry slogs to the leg-side, scampers through for two runs, diving to make her ground.

Alyssa Healy departs the field after being dismissed for 170. – GETTY IMAGES


AUS 341/5 in 49 overs: Ecclestone bowls her final over. Covers her face with her palm as McGrath makes room and plays square drive for four runs. Four singles taken in that over too.

AUS 333/5 in 48 overs: Full delivery from Shrubsole, Mooney plays it to long-on for a single. Oh and a top edge! And Beaumont has her second catch of the day. Lanning tries to hit out to the leg side but perhaps is too early into her stroke – the ball balloons up and Beaumont, at short third man, takes the catch. She tumbles after taking the catch.

And one more wicket! Mooney smashes a length delivery straight to the fielder at deep midwicket! Full, outside off-stump, dug out to cover for a single by Tahlia McGrath, the new batter. Oh and a near run-out – it’s all happening. Ellyse Perry pushes the ball to cover and McGrath had come halfway through before being sent back.

Meg Lanning c Beaumont b Shrubsole 10 (5b, 2×4)

Beth Mooney c Sciver b Shrubsole 62 (47b, 84)

AUS 330/3 in 47 overs: Brunt decides to bowl a lot of short deliveries in this over. And Mooney pulls them for singles. After four singles off the first four deliveries, Brunt attempts a slower delivery – it’s on leg-stump and Lanning helps it on its way for four through fine leg. And four more! This time, it’s off the cut shot.

AUS 318/3 in 46 overs: Shrubsole is back in the attack. A single on the first delivery by Mooney. Healy makes room again but this time the bowler is smart enough to direct her delivery outside the off-stump; Healy can’t reach out to that. And out! Healy is stumped. Tries to hit out again but misses; she is way out of her crease, the wicketkeeper is alert enough to break the stumps. on time.

Ash Gardner, the new batter, lofts the ball to the vacant region on the off-side for a single. And run out! The batters decide to take a risky second run when Gardner hits the ball to long-off, she is run out – it’s an accurate throw from the deep.

Alyssa Healy st Amy Jones b Shrubsole 170 (138b, 4×26)

Ash Gardner run out 1 (2b)

AUS 315/1 in 45 overs: Kate Cross returns. But there’s no let up. Healy exposes her stumps for the nth time and Cross’s delivery is outside the leg-stump but Healy has enough room to play through the off-side and collect four more runs through extra cover. Then she plays the ramp stroke to dink the ball over the wicketkeeper’s head for four more. She plays the ball to long-on for a single.

Slower delivery and short from Cross. Healy tries to pull, doesn’t time it but the ball falls safely in front of mid-on. Oh and four more! Four wides as the ball drifts down the leg side. Mooney square drives to point and picks up a single to keep strike.


AUS 297/1 in 44 overs: A hundred and fifty up for Healy with a boundary through extra cover. Then she drives, gets an edge and the ball runs away to the boundary. Full, on off-stump, Healy makes room and square drives to pick up four more runs! Mooney slogs the ball through extra cover for four more runs.

AUS 278/1 in 43 overs: Healy makes room yet again, waits for the ball – it’s a slower ball from Sciver – and slaps it to deep extra cover for four more. Oh and nearly out! Fielder at square leg gets a hand on it – it’s been that kind of a day for England. Healy makes room again; drives off the back-foot through extra cover for four runs! And Mooney, off the final delivery of the over; plays a sweep to collect four runs through fine leg – it brings up her half-century. Eventful over.

AUS 260/1 in 42 overs: Ecclestone comes on to bowl her eighth over. Mooney steps down the pitch and lofts the ball to deep extra cover for four runs. Short, Mooney plays the late cut to collect four more runs, this time through third man. She tucks the ball to the vacant region on the leg side (midwicket) and the batters have enough time to come back for two runs. Then Ecclestone drifts down the leg side – wide ball. Mooney tucks the ball to deep midwicket for two more. A single through long-on to finish the over.

AUS 245/1 in 41 overs: Brunt bowls a slower ball; Healy makes room, waits for the ball, and smashes the ball over the head of mid-off for four! Moves to 130. Short delivery, pulled away to deep midwicket for a single. Mooney pulls to deep midwicket to pick up two runs.

AUS 236/1 in 40 overs: Oh, touch and go. Healy tries to play an audacious stroke and nearly pays the price for it – it’s a shortish ball from Cross; Healy turns around to try to hit the ball to fine leg and misses. Cross breaks the stumps and incredibly, Healy makes her ground just before the stumps are broken. She takes a tumble afterwards but no harm done. Three singles from the over.

AUS 233/1 in 39 overs: Brunt is back into the attack. Slower ball, on leg-stump, helped on its way by Healy for four runs. Healy makes room for a bellicose stroke; finds the fielder at mid-off. She hits the ball to deep midwicket for a single. Brunt bowls a slower delivery – it’s too wide outside the off-stump. Slower ball again, short this time, hit out to long leg for a single by Mooney. Healy makes room again, pulls to deep midwicket for another single. Short, down the leg side, helped on its way by Mooney to fine leg. Four more.

AUS 221/1 in 38 overs: Now Healy brings out the ramp stroke and duly collects another boundary, this time from behind the wicket. She gets a full delivery from Kate Cross and pulls it for a single. Full delivery outside off – Mooney attempts a square drive but misses. Slightly shorter, Mooney attempts to push it to the off-side but misses – Amy Jones appeals for a stumping. No harm done, she’s well in her crease.

Beth Mooney congratulates Alyssa Healy after Healy reaches her century. – GETTY IMAGES


AUS 216/1 in 37 overs: Shrubsole continues. Mooney hits a full toss to the leg side for two runs, then cuts a short delivery through point for four runs! The partnership has crossed 50 – it’s 56 now.

AUS 208/1 in 36 overs: Kate Cross to bowl her fifth over. Healy exposes her stumps to make room, and smashes a full delivery past mid-off for four more! Mooney tries to play the scoop shot; she misses and the ball hits her stomach. Then a single.

Healy tees off again! Makes room again and lofts the ball to long-off for four!

AUS 196/1 in 35 overs: Short of a length from Anya Shrubsole, pushed to the off-side for a single and it brings up the century for Healy! She’s been enterprising, sprightly, audacious in this innings. Mooney slogs to the leg side for four runs – she doesn’t time it very well but the ball has enough legs to run away to the boundary. Oh and she’s nearly dismissed as she attempts another slog and misses! The ball evades the stumps and the ‘keeper to run away for four byes.

AUS 187/1 in 34 overs: Ecclestone now bowling her seventh over. Healy drives to deep extra cover to pick up a single and moves to 99. Ecclestone drifts down the leg side to Mooney, it’s a wide. Five dot balls, in that over.

AUS 185/1 in 33 overs: Sciver continues. Healy drives to long-on for a single. Mooney gets some width and she cuts the ball to deep backward point/third man for two more runs. A short delivery from Sciver; Mooney has presence of mind to play the upper cut for a four! Mooney square drives for a single. Healy, on the final delivery of the over, cuts to deep extra cover for a single. It was a slower delivery.


AUS 175/1 in 32 overs: Healy and Mooney cut the ball for singles. Healy then drives to long-off for a single. Mooney comes down the pitch and drives to mid-off for a single. Short and perhaps quicker, from Ecclestone, blocked from the crease by Healy. Last delivery: pushed to point for a single.

AUS 169/1 in 31 overs: Singles picked up with ease in this over, with the field spread out. Healy gets a full delivery from Sciver and plays a lovely straight drive; Brunt comes around from long-off to save the boundary but fails to do so. She dives to cut it off but the ball still trickles into the boundary paddings. Oh and she may have hurt her shoulder with that effort – a pause in play as she gets some medical attention. Time for drinks to be brought on to the field. A single to finish the over.

AUS 162/1 in 30 overs: And a wicket against the run of play! Haynes comes down the pitch to Sophie Ecclestone for a big hit and pays the price; she isn’t in any control of her stroke and the ball balloons up and is pouched by the fielder at point – Tammy Beaumont. No. 3 Beth Mooney is off the mark with a single after she pushes the ball to cover.

AUS 160/0 in 29 overs: Sciver is back into the attack. Healy flicks to deep midwicket for a single. Haynes plays the ball to backward point for a single. Healy plays it to point for no run. She stays in her crease and tucks the ball to square leg for a single. Haynes gets one on her legs and helps it on its way; a single through fine leg. Healy pulls with disdain and beats the fielder coming around from deep square leg; four runs!

Seventy four runs have been scored in the last 10 overs.

Alyssa Healy and Rachael Haynes put on 160 runs for the first wicket. – GETTY IMAGES


AUS 152/0 in 28 overs: A single picked up by Healy brings up the 150 for Australia. Haynes exposes her stumps and steers the ball to third man for a single. Brunt bowls a slower ball from the back of the hand, it’s defended by Healy. Healy gets a short delivery and pulls for a single. Full, on off-stump, driven by Haynes; she can’t find the gap. No run.

AUS 149/0 in 27 overs: Dean continues. Healy comes down the track and tonks to ball down the ground for four more! Moves to 78 with a tuck to deep midwicket for a single. Short, cut to point for no run by Haynes. Haynes comes down the pitch too and lofts the ball to deep extra cover; two more. Two dot balls to finish off.

AUS 142/0 in 26 overs: Brunt drifts down the leg side, it’s helped on its way by Healy for four runs! And Haynes does the same, later in the over. Three singles also from this over from Brunt. Runs coming thick and fast for Australia.

AUS 131/0 in 25 overs: Charlotte Dean is back into the attack. Starts off with a couple of full deliveries which are dug out by Haynes, the second for a single. Healy comes down the pitch and lofts the ball over the head of mid-off for four runs! Healy brings out the reverse sweep but can’t put bat to ball. A full toss! Waiting to be hit, it’s smashed through extra cover for four more! Short, it’s pulled to fine leg for a single. Haynes comes down the pitch and pats it back to the bowler.

AUS 120/0 in 24 overs: Single galore in this over from Brunt, who is back into the attack for her second spell. The field is spread out, too. Five from the over.

AUS 115/0 in 23 overs: Healy pulls fiercely to deep midwicket for four runs! Get her half-century. Oh and an edge. Healy tries to drive a good-length delivery and gets an edge to third man for a four. Then a single. Haynes nudges the ball to fine leg for a run. Last delivery: Healy makes room for a big stroke but pulls out of it, defending a yorker-length delivery.

Sophie Ecclestone reacts. – GETTY IMAGES


AUS 105/0 in 22 overs: Shout for lbw but not given as Healy attempts a sweep shot. Two leg-byes. Haynes comes down the pitch to loft the ball to long-on for four runs. It was a belligerent stroke. The 100 is up for Australia; it’s a solid foundation.

AUS 98/0 in 21 overs: Short, wide, cut by Haynes. And dropped! The fielder at backward point spills the chance! It was hit hard. And dropped again! This time Healy has the reprieve. It was pulled to midwicket where it bursts through the hands of the fielder (Natalie Sciver). Haynes plays the ball to third man to pick up a single and reach 50.

AUS 92/0 in 20 overs: Oh and Haynes was close to chopping it on to the stumps. Plays a short ball from the crease and gets a bottom edge. Healy sweeps for a single. A thick outside edge runs away to third man; three runs picked up.

AUS 86/0 in 19 overs: Short again to Haynes. Pulled away again, for a single. Short and wide to Healy, but she finds the fielder at cover. Steers a good-length delivery to deep point for a single. Haynes gets a full delivery and drives, finds the fielder. Cross sprays it down the leg side, it’s a wide. Haynes plays it late to steer the ball to third man for a single. Same thing done by Healy.

AUS 81/0 in 18 overs: Ecclestone to continue. Full, on off-stump, driven back to the bowler by Haynes. Then worked to square leg for no run. Then again, this time the ball is worked to fine leg for a single. Healy gets the ball in her zone and tees off! Lofts the ball over mid-off for four runs! Then driven for no run.

AUS 76/0 in 17 overs: Kate Cross bowls her first over. Starts off with a good-length delivery, Haynes tucks one to the leg side for a single. Healy taps the ball to backward point for a single. Haynes gets the ball on the leg-stump and just helps it on its way to fine leg – picks up a single. Healy works the ball to the leg side for another single.

Cross drifts down the leg side again, this time it’s a wide. Fuller, straighter, it’s defended. Haynes gets one on her pads and collects a single through fine leg again.

AUS 70/0 in 16 overs: Left-arm spinner Sophie Ecclestone is in the attack now. Starts off with a full delivery outside off, defended by Healy for a single. Haynes sweeps the ball to fine leg for a single. Oh and a shout for lbw: not given. It’s a good length delivery; Healy comes forward to defend. Replays show there was an inside edge to that. Healy comes forward to play another good-length delivery, and gets an outside edge. No run. Then defended. A full toss to finish off, played to mid-on for no run.

Alyssa Healy works the ball to the on-side. – GETTY IMAGES


AUS 68/0 in 15 overs: Sciver continues. Healy drives through mid-on and picks up a couple of runs. Then tucks one to square leg for a single. Haynes gets a full ball on leg-stump and defends. Full, on off-stump, driven to cover for no run.  Short to Haynes again and she pulls well for a couple of runs.

AUS 63/0 in 14 overs: Dean pitches the ball slightly short, and there’s width, it’s cut away through backward point for four runs! Later in this over from Dean Haynes comes down the pitch and nicely drives the ball through the gap between extra cover and mid-off. The fielder at deep extra cover can’t cut it off.

AUS 55/0 in 13 overs: Healy gets a thick inside edge to the on side for a single. Haynes gets a short delivery and pulls for another single. Oh and a delightful late cut from Healy for a single. Two more singles rrom the over. The 50 is up for Australia.

AUS 49/0 in 12 overs: Time for spin.

Charlotte Dean into the attack now. Healy comes down the track to her and drives to extra cover for a single. Haynes nudges the ball to midwicket for no run. Flighted, Haynes is down the track and flicks the ball to deep midwicket for a single. Healy comes down the pitch and lofts the ball over the head of the fielder at midwicket for four! Excellent stroke. The fielder is pushed back, and so Healy finds an easy single. Haynes plays the ball back to the bowler.

AUS 42/0 in 11 overs: Healy punches off the back foot to point for no run. Punches off the back-foot again and takes off for a quick single, but a better throw from the fielder may have found Haynes short of her crease. She lets out a smile. Haynes gets a short delivery and pulls it well for four runs. Left alone, then defended from the crease. Final delivery: on a good length, on leg-stump, defended.

AUS 37/0 in 10 overs: Shrubsole continues. Full, outside off, driven for no run. Then tucks one to midwicket for no run. Oh and an excellent driven Healy: it wasn’t a driving length, but she comes forward well and nicely caresses the ball to through mid-on for a four. Tucked to the on side for a single. Haynes leaves the last couple of deliveries alone.

AUS 32/0 in 9 overs: Natalie Sciver replaces Brunt. On a good length, she gives the batter some width but handled carefully by Haynes. The next two deliveries are tighter, defended from the crease. Slightly shorter: pulled to long leg for a run.

Healy gets hold of a nice flick shot. It was perhaps a slower delivery, it’s full, on off-stump, and she flicks it through midwicket for four runs. Then pushes one to point for a run to keep strike.

AUS 26/0 in 8 overs: Shrubsole continues to get the ball to move considerably. The first ball pitches on leg-stump and is left alone by Haynes outside the off-stump. It’s followed up by a similar delivery. Then a good length delivery is defended by Haynes for no run. Again – on a good length, shaping away, left alone. Driven to Haynes to mid-off for a single. Last delivery is full: driven to mid-off for no run.

AUS 25/0 in 7 overs: Brunt pitches one short, and Haynes pulls well for a boundary through deep square leg. She follows it up with a full delivery on off-stump which is defended. Short again, pulled again. Same result. The fielder at deep square leg dives but can’t stop the boundary. On a good length, outside off-stump, left alone by Haynes. Again, but this time Haynes gets bat on ball as she tries to remove her bat while shaping up for the leave. A single to finish off.

Rachael Haynes plays the ball to the on-side – GETTY IMAGES


AUS 16/0 in 6 overs: Haynes gently plays a short of a length ball to backward point for no run. Then defends from the crease. Shrubsole sprays it down the leg side for a wide. Haynes tucks one to the leg side for a quick single. Healy pushes one to point but declines the single as it would be too risky. Then she works a full delivery to mid-wicket for no run. A shout for lbw, not given: probably going down the leg side. Shrubsole’s delivery swings into Healy and hits her on the pads.

AUS 14/0 in 5 overs: Brunt bowls slightly short, it’s pulled to long leg for a single by Haynes. A shout for lbw, but not given: the ball pitches outside leg-stump and comes into Healy, who shapes for the flick but doesn’t get bat to ball. One leg byes. Oh and an excellent delivery next up: in the corridor, goes past the outside edge of the bat of Haynes. Full, Haynes plays the drive to mid-off and picks up a quick single. The fielder tumbles as she picks up the ball. Healy plays the ball to midwicket for no run.

AUS 11/0 in 4 overs: Shrubsole continues to angle the ball across the left-handed Haynes, who defends the first three deliveries. Haynes tucks the next ball to square leg for a single. Healy drives, but finds the fielder. The last delivery is full, but it’s not a driving length: defended from the crease.

Anya Shrubsole bowls. – GETTY IMAGES


AUS 10/0 in 3 overs: Brunt gets the outswing going. The first couple of deliveries are defended from the crease by Healy: the first, pressing forward, and the second, off the back foot. Full, on middle stump, on-driven to mid-on. Short and wide, and it’s punished by Healy, who cuts fiercely through the gap between cover and point for a boundary. It’s her first boundary.

Defended again, by Healy, from her crease. Slightly fuller, tempting the batter to drive; Healy drives cautiously to cover and then says ‘wait’ to signal to her partner that there isn’t any run.

AUS 6/0 in 2 overs: Anya Shrubsole to bowl the second over. Starts off with a good length delivery that pitches on leg stump and ends up on off. Defended by Haynes. Similar delivery, but slightly off target, and it’s easy pickings for Haynes who tucks it away to fine leg for a four. Katherine Brunt dives but can’t save the boundary.

Shrubsole makes amends for it with an excellent delivery- it pitches on leg-stump and goes past the off-stump. Left alone. Switches to around the wicket for the final delivery: in the corridor, left alone by Haynes.

AUS 2/0 in 1 over: First delivery, short of a length, defended from the crease by Healy. And a lovely follow up to that – in the corridor, shaping away, goes past the outside edge. Similar delivery next up, left alone. Full, on off-stump, shaping away again, the ball squirts away off the outside edge of the bat to third man. First run for Australia.

Haynes gets off the mark with a single. Tucks one to square leg. Last ball: Defended by Healy.

0630 IST: Right, all set for action. Katherine Brunt to bowl to Alyssa Healy.

0626 IST: The national anthems are sung. The England team gets into a huddle and then makes its way out to the field. Australia openers Rachael Haynes and Alyssa Healy walks out as well. Mitchell Starc, husband of Healy and Australia fast bowler, is seen in the stands.

The England team takes the knee to protest against racism; the Australians form a ‘circle of unity.’

0620 IST: A fresh pitch will be used for this contest. Trivia: The two teams have played a Women’s World Cup final at Christchurch once before: in 1982, Australia defeated England by three wickets at Lancaster Park.

0610 IST: “We’ve reinvented ourselves since that 2017 Women’s World Cup semifinal and a title will solidify the work that we’ve done,” says wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy. A reminder: Australia embarked on a record 26-match winning streak in ODIs before losing to India last year. Now, the team has won 11 in a row.

Heather Knight and Meg Lanning at the coin toss. – GETTY IMAGES


0600 IST:  England wins the toss, chooses to bowl. Perry is back for Australia so Sutherland misses out.

Meg Lanning: We’ve batted first a number of times in this tournament and done pretty well. I lose the toss most of the time *laughs*

Playing XIs

England Women: Tammy Beaumont, Danielle Wyatt, Heather Knight (c), Natalie Sciver, Amy Jones (wk), Sophia Dunkley, Katherine Brunt, Sophie Ecclestone, Kate Cross, Charlotte Dean, Anya Shrubsole.

Australia Women: Rachael Haynes, Alyssa Healy (wk), Meg Lanning(c), Ellyse Perry, Beth Mooney, Tahlia McGrath, Ashleigh Gardner, Jess Jonassen, Alana King, Megan Schutt, Darcie Brown.


Australia Vice-captain Rachael Haynes already has a winner’s medal from 2013, and she is well on her way to a competition record, the opening batter sitting on 429 runs for the tournament, 27 behind Debbie Hockley of New Zealand’s all-time best set in 1997.

That is not the only record that could be broken on Sunday as English left-arm spinner Sophie Ecclestone has the chance to surpass Australian Lyn Fullston, whose haul of 23 wickets in 1982 remains the mark to beat.

Ecclestone sits on 20 wickets having taken her maiden international five-wicket haul in the semi-final win against South Africa ending on six for 36, the best figures by an England bowler in a World Cup.

5:30AM: It’s Meg Lanning’s 100th career ODI today. What a day for the milestone.

Is Australia beatable?  The team that’s won 37 out of its last 38 ODIs

The short and most pragmatic answer is yes maybe? (I know how that sounds). Australia has lost only one World Cup final but it was not too far away from the setting for Sunday’s finale. Back in 2000, just down the road from Christchurch at the Bert Sutcliffe Oval in Lincoln, Australia lost the closest final the tournament has ever seen, defeated by New Zealand by just four runs.


0515 IST: STAT ATTACK: Meg Lanning’s team has been in excellent form. In the semifinals, West Indies was beaten by 157 runs and although England, too, won its semifinal contest convincingly, Australia will be the favourite.

Ten out of 11 Women’s World Cups have been won by England or Australia, including the last one – the 2017 Women’s World Cup. And if Australia wins, it will be the team’s seventh title.

HEAD – TO – HEAD: Familiar foes Australia and England have met in 82 ODIs. Australia has won 56 of those matches, while England has won 22. In Women’s World Cups, the two teams have played 18 matches against each other; Australia has won 12, while England has won four.

The last time the two teams clashed was during the group stage of this Women’s World Cup (on March 5, 2022). Australia pipped England in a high-scoring encounter. In Women’s World Cup finals, the teams have met twice, and Australia has won both times (in 1982 and 1988).


5AM: Hello everyone! A month down and many many heart attacks later, we’re so close to saying goodbye to one of the most competitive Women’s World Cup editions we’ve ever seen. We’re down to the last two teams – England and Australia – the former the defending champion and the latter the most successful team in the tournament. Who will walk away with bragging rights and the coveted trophy? Join us as we find out in our live coverage of the final.


Australia vs England, Women’s World Cup final, 2022: Dream11 fantasy team, Playing XI, full squads

Australia vs England, Women’s World Cup final, 2022: Head to head stats, most runs, most wickets



The ICC Women’s ODI World Cup final match will be broadcast on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from 6AM IST.

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