Apple’s practice of charging 15 to 30 percent commission from app developers for using in-app payment systems has come under scrutiny from regulators and law-makers around the world. Now the Netherlands’ top competition regulator has said that Apple has broken the country’s competition laws. Apple has been ordered to change its ‘App Store Payments’ policies. According to a Reuters report, the investigation by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) was started in 2019. Investigated whether Apple’s practice resulted in market abuse. However, this investigation was later narrowed down to focus on dating apps that are linked to the App Store and use in-app payment systems. This also includes Tinder’s Owner Match Group.

Apple said in a statement that it disagrees with the ACM’s order and has filed an appeal. It states that Apple is not the leader in the market for software distribution in the Netherlands. Apple says it has invested a lot of resources in helping dating app developers reach customers and grow on the App Store. Reuters reported in October that ACM had found Apple’s practice to be anti-competitive.

The regulator’s decision states that Apple has violated competition laws. Apple has been ordered to fix unfair terms in the App Store that apply to dating-app providers.

Apple has also been ordered to allow dating app providers to use alternative payment systems. If the company does not comply with the orders, it may face a fine of up to 50 million euros (about Rs 425 crore). Apple has been given until January 15 to implement the changes.

At the same time, Match Group says in this matter that we appreciate the decision of the Rotterdam Court, which confirms the decision of the ACM. states that the forced use of the Apple in-app payment system and other practices violate Dutch and EU competition laws. It should be finished by January 15.

Apple has suffered a major setback from the Netherlands’ top regulator at a time when the company has also lost a case related to a ban on a law in South Korea. Major app platform providers such as Apple and Google in South Korea will have to allow their developers to use third-party payment services.

Google has indicated that it will allow third party payment services, although it will still charge a commission. Apple has not told anything about its plans regarding South Korea.

Apple is also facing proposed legislation in the European Union and the US. This law will force the app to change its in-app payment policy and other things.

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