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WhatsApp has made changes to its privacy policy. Its information is being given to all the users through the app. After the policy is implemented, all the users who are opening their WhatsApp for the first time are being informed about the policy update as well as the option ‘Agree’. Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has given users till February 8 to accept the new policy. The thing to keep in mind is that if a user does not accept this policy, then his account will be deleted. The policy has been updated for both Android and iOS platforms

WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy for Android and iOS platforms, which will have to be accepted by February 8, otherwise the user’s account will be deleted. On opening the app, the policy is visible and there is also an option to accept it. However, there is also an option of ‘Not Now’. In this policy, WhatsApp has clarified many things. How the company processes user data, how the app is related to Facebook, etc. The new policy shows that now Facebook will have more data on WhatsApp than before.

The company has also updated the information about the users connection. The company wrote, (translated) “If none of your contacts are using our services, we will manage this information for you in a way that ensures that those contacts are not identified by us.” “

The information throughout the policy is divided into several parts. As we mentioned, users have the option to read the policy, after which they have to choose one of the two options. First ‘Agree’ and second ‘Not Now’, however, not now does not mean that you are not accepting the new policy. After selecting this option, you will get to see the policy option again. The last date for acceptance of the policy is 8 February 2021. If the user does not accept the policy by the specified date, his/her account will be permanently closed.

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