A few days ago we discussed with you those of Android smartphones. feature Keys, which will not be found in the iPhone. But today we will talk about those features given in iPhone, which you cannot use in Android phone even if you want. In the latest iOS update, the emphasis has been on improving the battery, performance of the handset. It also includes some useful high-end features.

At the same time, the latest version of Android equipped with the newly updated feature is now being given in premium smartphones. But currently these features of iOS cannot be used by users of Android smartphones:

Battery and performance control

With iOS 11.3, Apple users can handle battery and performance. Android users have not got such a facility till now. By controlling the aspects related to battery and performance, you are able to get the best out of the phone.

Space saving in the new video format

Android users cannot compress a video after shooting it with the same quality. This is possible in iOS 11 version. The updated OS version has the facility to record videos in HEIF/HEVC format. With the help of these formats, the quality of the video also does not fall and space is also spent less.

Message sync option

In the newly updated iOS, the Messages app is equipped with iCloud support. This way you can exchange messages with any Apple device using the same ID. This feature is not yet available in Google’s Android Messages app.

Screen recording already available

Screen recording is already present in the device in the latest version of iOS. Users can also create gifs in this. However, the feature of screen recording is given in some Samsung phones. But overall, not all Android smartphone users get this facility.

Pre-loaded HD Calling

With the latest iOS, iPhone users get the facility of FaceTime video calling. This feature comes pre-loaded in the phone. Android users have not yet got the benefit of this. Android smartphone users have to resort to third party apps for this.

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