Google Duo last month expanded the number of members joining group video calls in its web version. After the web, now this feature has also been introduced in the Android mobile version of Duo, after which you can now make not 12, but 32 people part of your group video call simultaneously in the Google Duo app. According to the report, this feature, which adds 32 people to Google Duo group video call, is currently available to select Android users. The report further informs that this feature will not be available in the latest app version, but it is currently being rolled out through a server-side update. Let us tell you, Google first announced the expansion of the number of members in Duo’s group video call in May, saying that 12 to 32 members can be part of a group video call in the coming days. Google Duo has released several updates to the app during the Corona epidemic with the aim of giving competition to a rival video calling company like Zoom.

9to5Google As per reports, Google Duo’s feature to add 32 members to group video calls is being rolled out in Phase Manor via the server side. At the moment, a select few people have got this feature, but in the coming weeks most people will get this feature.

To check the availability of the update, select the “Create Group” option on the Google Duo Android user home screen. If you can’t add more than 11 people to this group video call, this feature is currently not available for your device. At the same time, if you can add more than 11 people, then you will understand that this feature has come in your device. Apart from this, no information has been revealed about the expansion of 32 members in Google Duo of iPhone.

It is worth noting that during the Corona virus epidemic, Google announced several features in April for Google Duo to compete with Zoom. Announcement did. According to Google, due to the Corona virus epidemic, there was an increase in the number of users using the video calling app, in view of this, Google announced that new updates would be released for Duo.

Google Duo introduced the group video call feature with four members, which was increased to eight in March. However, in the same month, the number of members was expanded again and then 12 people started enjoying group video calls simultaneously.

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