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Instagram has introduced three new features to attract more and more users to the live stream. The social media platform has increased its live video limit, where earlier you used to go live for only 1 hour, now you can go live for 4 hours. Apart from this, a new Live Archive option has been added, which saves all your live videos for 30 days. The archive can only be accessed by you, and you can also download and upload live videos to IGTV.

New features announced Twitter In which the biggest feature increased the limit of Live Video. Earlier only one hour live session could be done through Instagram, but now it has been increased to four hours. This means that users who used to prefer to cook or take live classes while live on Insta, will no longer need to restart Live after an hour. Apart from this, Instagram has also introduced the Live Archives feature, where all your live videos will be saved. Till now Instagram used to archive only your Instagram stories and posts, but now here you will be saved on live session.

The Live Archive option will be right where your stories and posts were archived. However, this live session will only be archived for 30 days. To find this new option, you’ll need to click on the hamburger menu, which is located at the top right corner of your profile. Here you have to tap on the Archive option and select ‘Live Archive’. You can also download the live video found in the archive and re-upload it to your IGTV video if you want.

In addition, you will find a new “Live Now” section in the IGTV app on Instagram.

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